Mustang Owners Club of Victoria Inc.

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Club History

The story of the formation of the Mustang Club in Victoria can start with Kevin Musgrave, Frank Thomson and Frank Hayes. Kevin was advertising Mustang parts in the early 1970’s and when Thommo bought his Mustang in 1972, he went looking for parts and came across Kevin at Caulfield. Frank Hayes later did the same trip to Caulfield needing a new taillight lens for his 69 Coupe he had bought in January 1974. He and Kevin got talking and Kevin said he had another chap (that was Thommo) who was also interested in getting other Mustang people together. So, Kevin later placed an ad in the Melbourne Age inviting interested Mustang owners to meet on Sunday 26th May 1974 at 9.30am on the corner Springvale and Whitehorse Roads Nunawading.

26 Mustangs turned up on a bitterly cold and foggy morning as the convoy made its way to Badger Creek Weir near Healesville with Thommo leading the stampede and everyone managing to get there safely. The weather was so cold that everyone spent most of the day trying to thaw out enough to light the BBQ. When the BBQ finally got going, Warwick Dowsley entertained everyone whilst he kept guard over his sausage

This enthusiasm gave Kevin Musgrave, Frank Thomson, Frank Hayes, Warwick Dowsley and Graham Main and Ian Winn the green light to get the Mustang Owners Club up and running in Victoria. The first meeting was held at Philip Hall’s house in Cheltenham, where the officer’s jobs were handed out with Kevin Musgrave (President) and Philip Hall (Sec/Treasurer) being anointed to manage affairs

The following meetings were held at Frank Thomson’s house before moving to the Phillip Island Auto Racing Club (PIARC) off High Street St.Kilda above a factory in August 1974.

The Victorian Club was the first to establish a Mustang Owners Club in Australia and is part of a strong national membership of over 2,500 owners. The Club holds monthly meetings near Melbourne’s CBD in a friendly social atmosphere where Mustangs are the general topic of the evening. We also hold monthly outings which are generally family oriented, and we conduct an annual display and Concours of Mustangs on the last Sunday in October. Other public days are incorporated into the Club calendar where possible including Australia Day, January 26 at various locations. A full colour Mustang Club magazine is available to members quarterly.

The primary objective of the Club was to maintain the quality of the Mustang and it is hoped that as the years roll on the influence of the early pioneers of the Victorian Club will be remembered and used to strengthen the values of supporting the Mustang brand and being part of the Mustang family.